Submit Competition Entries

Members are invited to Submit their Competition Entries via the Email Links - Please Note the following instructions
Please submit all Digital Images for entry into the Projected Images Competition to the Competition Secretary by the date identified in the Club Programme by Email or on the night.

A confirmation email (for digital images that have been submitted by email) should be received from the Competition Secretary. If one has not been received, then please contact the Competition Secretary to ensure that your images have been entered.

Please refer to the Competitions Page for general regulation and guidance on Portishead’s internal photographic competitions.

Click here to go to the Competitions Page

Please refer to the Competition Checklist before entering your images to ensure their compliance with the rules.

Click here to download or print the Competition Checklist

Please refer to the Nature Photography Competition Rules before submitting Nature Photography images to the Intermediate or Open competitions.

Click here to download or print the Nature Rules

All Images must be named as follows: Sequence Number, Title, Initials

The correct naming convention for digital files is:

  • 01_Title_Initials.jpg for Open General and Intermediate images

  • 01_Title_Initials_N.jpg for Open Nature Photography images.

Other forms are not acceptable. The separator used above is an underscore and this enables the images to order themselves when placed in the competition directory.

For Open Nature Photography competition entries the filename should contain an “N” for nature and the entry form should indicate this.

Each Projected Image should conform to the following:

  • Landscape format ~ 1600 pixels wide (max.) x 1200 pixels high (max.)

  • Portrait format ~ 1200 pixels high (maximum) - all at 300dpi

File format
  • JPEG files saved to 2.0MB maximum file size

Please Attach Images to the Email Link
- Click on the Email Link below for either OPEN CLASS or INTERMEDIATE CLASS
- State Entrants Full Name so that images can be matched to the Entry Form
- Every attempt will be made to prevent missing images through email entries, but please follow up any email entries before the final submission date to ensure they have been received.
- Entries can also be handed to the Competition Secretary on the night (or before) and a Competition Entry Form is mandatory. There is a link on the Competition page to print off the appropriate Form.

Competition Closing Dates and Competition Dates are:

Competition 1 closing date - 27 September 2018
Competition 1 - 11 October 2018
Competition 2 closing date - 8 November 2018
Competition 2 - 22 November 2018
Thematic Comp. closing date - 10 January 2019
Thematic Competition - 24 January 2019
Competition 3 closing date - 14 February 2019
Competition 3 - 28 February 2019
Competition 4 closing date - 21 March 2019
Competition 4 - 4 April 2019
End of Season closing date - 25 April 2019
End of Season Competition - 16 May 2019

Click here to download or print the Closing Dates and Competition Dates

Submit Open Competition Entries

Submit Intermediate Competition Entries